Dog Training Is Important For this One Major Reason

dog training classesAs a dog owner, I have been asked by friends who have recently adopted a shelter dog why it is important to train their dog. They seem to think that taking an obedience class is more of a luxury than it is a necessity. I always tell them that they are wrong. Of course, I put it to them as politely as possible, but I cannot help but stress that there is one primary reason that it is essential to train your dog.

It is essential to train your dog

dog trainingIt can save the dog’s life one day. For my new-to-dog-ownership friends, this is news to them. They usually still seem to think that I am being funny, but the truth is that some commands which a dog and his owner learn during obedience training can do just this. The “come” control is one that could keep a dog away from a potentially dangerous or vicious animal.

When a dog learns to come to you the instant you give the command they can leave an otherwise dangerous situation whether facing a neighbor’s vicious pit bull or another type of animal like a coyote which do roam some streets in some regions of the country. Dog training is a necessity and is essential for this one primary reason.