Training Your Dog To Stop Barking at Night

dog training classesTraining your dog to stop barking at night is all about comprehending why it’s yelling in the first place. There are various reasons why these pets bark, and most of the time, they are trying to communicate something. It’s not healthy to completely forbid the pet from barking, as it’s a natural way for them to vent.

However, there are times when the barking is repetitive, constant, never-ending and can completely annoy your neighbors. This is not something you should just put up with, and there are various things to train your dog to reduce the barking.

The main reasons why dogs bark continuously

dog training for obedienceThe main reasons why dogs bark continuously is because they know they will ultimately get something out of it, perhaps food, attention or the thing they are crying to go away. It is essential that you never reward your canine friend barking and that includes shouting at him or her to shut up. Don’t talk, scream or make eye contact as these are forms of giving attention. By continuously ignoring them when they bark, they will eventually learn that the tactic to seek care is not working.

Boredom, lack of stimulation and exercise are other reasons for barking. Ensure you walk and play with your pet on a regular basis.